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Underlay made from recycled materials

I’ve just brought a brand new house, when walking on the carpet we can feel something under the carpet like a staple or nailhead their are serval of these in each room.
The builder says it because recycled underlay was used.
Is this normal and will it adversely affect the life of the carpet

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It may be staples but some recycled underlay can have hard lumps in them


Answered 16th Jul 2020

Nothing to do with the underlay , something under the carpet,


Answered 16th Jul 2020

It may well be or it may that they have not counter sunk the screws or nails in the subfloor

But if u have any doubts as the customer you are well within your rights to ask to have a look at the areas you are concerned about

In my experience it wouldn’t effect the carpets if it is the underlay

However if it is nails or screws they will eventually come through the more the areas are trafficked

I’m my


Answered 16th Jul 2020

He is correct, this is quite common with recycled underlays


Answered 16th Jul 2020

Never heard of this before! It does sound like they did not clean the floor correctly before installing the underlay.


Answered 16th Jul 2020

If the lumps are hard and ridgid it would most likely be a cheaper PU underlay with chunks of recycled plastic, usually they cant be felt underfoot but it dose happens sometimes and the only option is the change the carpet or at least uplift to investigate.


Answered 17th Jul 2020

No this is not normal and needs to be addressed


Answered 18th Jul 2020

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