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Shared water supply improvement

Our shared water supply pipe is quite old and comes off the water main at the junction and travels up our private road/track to each house. There are 6 dwellings on the road. The pipe then goes across a field, rising vertically by 80 feet to another 2 dwellings. The pipe is about 2" in diameter and the static pressure is 4 bar (max). The total length of the pipe is 800m. Those at the end of the pipe get 2 bar static pressure and their working pressure is quite poor, as you can imagine. What would we need to do to get their pressure up and how close to 4 bar would it get if we did an upgrade of the pipe? How much would it cost?

Thanks to everyone who answered this. I contacted the water company and their GIS consultant
gave me technical information . Our pipe is 63mm (0.8km long) and connects to a public 90mm pipe, (3km long) which
connects to the water main. There are 30+ houses on these pipes and it rises to the end. Apparently we can never achieve
4 bar at the end without pump assistance. This is due to the constriction (to 63mm) and the rise.

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Speak to your local water board about it first. the water board may have a 4" pipe up to the boundry which is there responsibility,anything after that is the home owners responsibility.As it it a private track it may be the case that all the home owners on that row might have to club together for a larger pipe to be installed to acheive more pressure. Regards Antony.

Answered 2nd May 2012 plumbing

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I second what has been said above. i would imagine when the pipe was installed that the feeds for each house spur off with the end resulting in the last house having a lesser pressure.
If you have the road dug up it would be increasing higher pressure to have individual feeds direct of the main for each house.
Speak with your water board first, but anything past the public road/highway is down to the individual home owners.
ADDED ON ------------------
If you wanted to increase your pressure you could install a water pump within the property (this would require a header tank in the loft being installed.)
post the job on this site and i am very sure that a local plumber would come and give you advise

Answered 10th May 2012

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