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Ceiling rose and chandelier


I have bought a new ceiling rose (without a hole) and chandelier and was wondering about having them put up. Can the ceiling rose be put up and then the chandelier afterwards or do they need to be put up at the same time?

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The ornate plaster ceiling rose needs to be securely fitted to the ceiling and the adhesive/plaster that is fixing it needs to be fully cured/dry before the new chandelier can be attached.

If the new plaster rose has no centre hole then a hole will need to be drilled into it first and the existing wiring pushed through carefully (making sure that the electricity is off of course!)

Once dry (maybe 24hours or so) the light can be fitted. Depending on the weight of the chandelier a wooden block maybe needed to be fitted under the floor from above so that the screws for the chandelier can fix to something solid.


Answered 30th Apr 2012

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