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I have a few large cracks that have appeared in my ceiling, can you just paint ober them

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You will need to rake out the crack, use pollyfiller to re-fill.. remember not to over fill as it will need sanding, fill it in layers is best.
Sand down smooth and paint
As for flexible decorators caulk is good if its to be used in corners, tops of skirting etc.. as for on the flat of a wall or ceiling, ha, well for a start you can not sand it and to brush it with water is going to make it look even worse... What did they invent pollyfiller to do?... to fill cracks & holes!


Answered 8th Apr 2011


Member since 26 Oct 2008

I wouldnt just paint over them, they will keep reappearing, if they keep cracking check the boards are screwed up tight before making any repairs.
You can then either rake out the cracks deeper and fill, using filler that can be sanded or a flexible filler.
My prefered method, would be to over board the ceiling, scrim the joints and 2 coat plaster finish.
Nice brand new ceiling, and no more cracking, and isnt a big job.

Answered 8th Apr 2011


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If it's a lath & plaster ceiling,i would recommend you push the boat out and get it over-boarded first,then skimmed.
Large cracks appearing in this type of ceiling can indicate an underlying problem of unstability.
By all means you can fill the cracks and re-paint them but chances are they will re-appear in the future as well as new cracks developing.
Although more expensive initially,for best results and for the long term i will always recommend the above advice,but please do not have any re-plastering/skimming done directly onto the original surface.

If your ceiling is plaster board,the cracks will more than likely be straight ones,usually following the main joists where the plasterboard edges should be fixed.
Highly unlikely that a boarded ceiling will fall down (unlike lath & plaster) so i would follow the excellent advice of others on here to fill & re-paint.

Hope this helps,


Answered 8th Apr 2011

carl melady

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hi you need to cut out the cracks, in the ceiling and put in a flexible filler in to the cracks, in to the ceiling and rub down the filler spot in the filler and paint over the the colour of your choice in vinly silk all mat.

Answered 10th Apr 2011

kws decorators

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Use a flexible decorator's caulk or gap filler. It must be the type that is workable with water and a finger or brush and described as "permanently flexible". Don't use filler for sanding; it's only going to sit on the surface, look like the Himalayas and crack under the same forces as caused the original damage.

Also , Ceilings are generally composed of plaster for structural strength and longevity. Although durable, plaster ceilings are not impervious to damage. Fluctuating humidity levels make a home's framing lumber expand and contract, causing ceilings to crack. Besides detracting from a ceiling's appearance, cracks can cause structural damage. If you don't fix ceiling cracks, the cracks can spread until the ceiling eventually weakens, detaches from the wood laths and collapses. Promptly repair a cracked ceiling to prevent future costly repairs.

Answered 8th Apr 2011

London Art Construction and Decoration

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painting over them will not make a good job,even if you fill the gaps and sand them and paint there is no guarantee that you will cure the problem, there is normally a reason for this,regards Terry.

Answered 8th Apr 2011

tm property services

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it is not recommended to paint over cracks as this will not eliminate them.. use a flexible filler prior to any decorative finish to create a sound base

Answered 8th Apr 2011

Tradesman Decorators Nottm/Wirral

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