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Storage heaters

Does anyone know how I can find out if my storage heaters contain asbestos,I’ve looked online but it is confusing,I don’t know how old they are but only got number on front but it seems this must be model number but you can still buy this model obviously modern version,I just don’t want to open and see WM718 is number on front but can’t find any other codes can anyone help ,I’m concerned they contain asbestos and if so I’ll replace them thanks

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Hi Jon

Sounds like its a Unidare WM718 which is asbestos free see link below for details and piece of mind.




Answered 10th Jul 2020

As far as I’m aware, any storage heaters that were installed pre 1974 will probably contain asbestos, and those after 1974 will more than likely not contain asbestos. If you know how old the property is, this should give you some idea of when they were installed and therefore the likelihood of there being any asbestos inside them.


Answered 10th Jul 2020

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