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Acrow props - how to get rid of them

I own a property in London (NW6), and due to changing building company half way through a recent job, I’m now the owner of 33 acrow props (they are bought, not rented) which I no longer need. Does anyone have any idea of how I can sell these? They are in very good condition (many of them have only been used once.) They must have a value to someone. Thank you in advance.

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post them for sale on ebay you will get £20 each for them


Answered 8th Jul 2020

You can sell them on Ebay or Gumtree and for a standered size you should get between £15-£ can purchase new ones for £25 + vat


Answered 8th Jul 2020

Try face book market place always someone wanting acros £25-£30 piece We pay £5 Pw per acro If you were coolest we’d of bought the lot


Answered 22nd Jul 2020

Yes you can put them on eBay but I’m sure you won’t get £20 for 1 as from build base they are £22 new?


Answered 22nd Jul 2020

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