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What is causing damp in my home?


I have a tiny bit of damp on side of my window from the still upto about 4 inch high and the paint has started to flake! what could this be?

Also under my stairs in the corner i have mould/damp what could this be from?

Thank you

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The damp concern to the corner of your window could be due to the external seal letting in penetrating rain! Have a look at the external fabric of the wall also! Could be the mastic sealant is missing or broken to around the frame, blown render or mortar pointing is patchy and missing to allow damp/rain enter.

Under the stairs; This will be due to condensation because of no ventilation, maybe insert a small vent internally to allow air to flow under the stair area.
Mould will not grow on rising damp due to ground salts being present brought up by a capillary action. Mould needs clean water to grow! This will be prodominantly due to moisture in the air.

Good luck

Cannon Preservation.

Answered 28th Apr 2012

Cannon Preservation Ltd

Member since 21 May 2011

silicone around the window could be failing

Answered 28th Apr 2012


Member since 7 Jun 2008

The main reason for damp is not enough ventilation try making sure there is nothing in the corner on the sill and the curtains/blinds are out of the way. My girlfriend had damp in the windows and kept painting and cleaning, I moved a clock That was on the sill and pull the blinds up and in a day it stopped. Hope this helps

Answered 28th Apr 2012

srr property maintenance

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Hi Emma, The damp to the side of your window could be condensation
running off the inside of your glass, onto the sill and then to the lowest
corner of the sill, this is normally the cause in this case, I would wipe the sill
each morning, in the summer when the window is open you shouldn't get the
problem. If there is no condensation on the inside of the glass each mrning,
then I'm afraid the vertical damp course has been breached, this would need
putting right, I hope this isn't the case.
As for the damp under the stair's, this may just be a cold unvented spot that
will attract moisture in the air. I would try applying some polystyrene on a
roll,, and then lining paper over and paint, or paper to match, this would give
the wall a bit of warmth, hopefully enough so as not to attract condensation.
If that fail's then it must be rising damp, and you will have to address the
problem. I don;t think it will be, 9 time's out of 10 it;s usually the same old
simple reason's.
Hope this help's you.
Kind regard's
Paul Callaghan

Answered 28th Apr 2012

Paul Callaghan Builder

Member since 27 Feb 2012

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