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What is the process to tile over tile?


I have basic knowledge of tiling. However, I have never tile over tile before, and I was hoping someone here could give me a simple set guide and the tools/equipment needed.

I asked a friend of mine his not a tiler, more "DIY" kinda guy so I thought it would be best to ask here and ask the professionals.

They said I need to buy non-slip adhesive (Everbuild 701 Non-Slip Wall Tile Adhesive) and I can use that to tile over tile, sounds too easy.

I would love to hear your advice and tips!

Thanks :)

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Hi yes you can tile over existing tiles as long as there well stuck and solid And flat and there’s nothing loose , as long as you use the correct adhesive, Get you adhesive from tops tiles or similar, I’d use a bal adhesive, and you would set it out like any normal wall , find the centre and cuts at either end .


Answered 30th Jun 2020

No problem, tap/ knock the existing tiles first to make sure they are still bonded to the wall and not sounding hollow / loose, then use a primer (i use SBR) and apply with a brush over the existing tiles and let dry. you are now ready to retile. if however you are unsure of the material of the existing tile and the one you want to use then i would use flexible adhesive and grout to be safe


Answered 4th Jul 2020

Yes you can tile on top of tiles, make sure the tiles are solid with no loose tiles. I would advise you use primer on the old tiles before sticking the new tiles on. Best I’ve used is ardex p4 primer.


Answered 6th Jul 2020

Yes. You have to use special primer to go on top of the tiles and then use good quality flexible adhesive. As long as your tiles are solid, you good to go.


Answered 9th Jul 2020

yes you can but i wouldn't recommend it


Answered 30th Jul 2020

To tile over tile make sure the existing tiles are well stuck and solid before fitting. You need to get yourself a good NEAT primer and ensure the surface area is well covered. As soon as that is done you are good to go to tile just like any other wall, just ensure thickness of the tiles etc. Won’t be an issue if tiling round existing door frames etc.


Answered 28th Sep 2020

Existing tiles need to solid to the existing background.
I use Mapei Eco Prim Grip Primer.
Which when dry leave a rough texture as it has a grit in it which helps the adhesive used to give a good key.


Answered 24th Mar 2021

Best thing is check for any hollow tiles/ cracked tiles. If there’s alot of hollows I would recommend stripping completely as it could be a fail in the long run. If it seems solid you can prime grip the walls first(let it dry) then tile it as you would normally👍


Answered 17th Jan 2022

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