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How to permanently get rid of bamboo

Looking to get rid of the Bamboos, and need someone to dig deep and take out the roots and than apply some poison to stop future growth. I know Bamboos are evasive but if we take out the main roots and put poison would it stop growing? Is there any good products to get rid of Bamboo? Many Thanks

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Hi there.

As with most invasive species there is no easy way to permanently cure regrowth but digging deep and applying a liberal dosing of round up were killer which is the active ingredient in eco plugs that are used for killing stumps would be the best bet. Beware that this may hinder the growth of other plants in the localised area and the affected area.
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Answered 29th Jun 2020

Personally I don’t advocate the use of weed killers, although I have heard that if you cut the bamboo in such way to expose the hollow inside, liquid root killer can be poured into the open vessel effectively killing the root system.
I guess you will be digging the roots up anyway ? This would be sufficient alone.
Applying weed killer to the disturbed soil after removal of the Bamboo is not recommended. Root killing products are designed to be applied directly to the plant leaves or stumps. Saturating the soil with weed killer will kill essential soil organisms that form healthy associations with your plants and could cause further damage to surrounding vegetation.
Bamboo is much easier to remove than what you might imagine. The roots are shallow and come up easy with a mattock.


Answered 3rd Jul 2020

Yep, that will certainly kill the bamboo off


Answered 30th Jun 2020

Unfortunately it is a lengthy process. Its highly likely digging will cause it to remain or worse, spread. The advice given for this kind of plant is dosing the plants by injecting herbicide directly down the stems.
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Answered 4th Jul 2020

Bamboo as you mentioned, is evasive and will often have root systems/new growth areas which wont be noticeable when taking the current bamboo out. The best way we have found is to put a perimeter of 1-2 feet (where possible) around the outside of the area where the bamboo is. First, cut the bamboo down, then using a stump grinder, grind the entire area inside the perimeter, including the 1-2 feet outside of where the bamboo was. Once the area is completely ground out, generously apply SBK stump killer to the area and cover with plastic sheeting. Ensure that no children/pets go near the area for 4 weeks and then, no more bamboo!
Just keep an eye on the area for any bamboo which avoided the grinder and poison, it does happen!

Hope this helps,

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Answered 6th Mar 2021

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