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Mounting heavy items on thick plaster

Recently moved into a house built around 1900, and would like to put up some shelves to hold heavy items up on an external wall.

Drilling into the wall about 6cm, I haven't hit any brickwork yet. The wall is about 30cm thick, as measured at a window, and from the brick pattens I think it's a solid brick wall. This would make the plaster about 7.5cm thick I think? From the drilling it seems solid as far as I've drilled, and fairly crumbly.

How should I go about mounting something heavy on this wall?


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What I would do is hammer and chisel out a small section ((which can be covered by a shelf when you come to fit it)) and see how far it is to get to solid Brickwork. Definitely use longer fixings or bolts that reach Brickwork when drilling to fix your selves otherwise the shelves won't stay up long


Answered 27th Jun 2020

Check wall is sound and not hollow. If solid and depending on size of weight you are putting on wall.The minimum screws should be 50 mm
If not go bigger


Answered 28th Jun 2020

Even though it's a lot of work you could cut out sections of dry wall, and score Timber studs directly to solid wall, wrap a membrane behind timber. Then repair dry wall marking where the stud is, did one recently for a tv mount, 40kg.


Answered 3rd Jul 2020

You may find that where you are drilling into is in fact the mortar in stead of stone. Plaster even as old as 1900s isn't usually ticking than 1" and a half.


Answered 13th Jul 2020

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