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How do I kill off a tree once it has been cut down?

Also, what’s the average cost to remove a tree about 7m tall ?

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The best option to completely eliminate a tree is to stumpgrind the remaining stump and roots after cutting it down. However you can also treat the stump with SBK Brushwood Killer which will stop any regrowth. You can buy this from Homebase. Alternatively a professional can be hired to use EcoPlugs which are inserted into the tree. These contain a glyphosate solution which works its way into the roots.


Answered 25th Jun 2020

It will usually send up new shoots so continue to remove these to drain energy. Use stump killer gels. If the stump is large enough i would burn or grind the stump.


Answered 25th Jun 2020

Glyphosate is the base ingredient for many pesticide weed killers such as round up etc, give new growth a spray. Alternatively hire in a stump grinder from your local tree surgery, this machine will grind away the stump .


Answered 25th Jun 2020

Grinding the stump is the no1 way to totally solve the problem, Providing you have sufficient space to manoeuvre the stump grinder. eco plugs are ok, we’ve been using them on some of our projects, they are slow and intermittent with their success, but it does assist in killing the stump, to remove the problem, remove the stump


Answered 30th Jun 2020

Sbk brushwood killer will stop anymore regrowth


Answered 18th Mar 2022

Either having the stump ground out by a tree surgeon or using eco-plugs to poison the stump.

And price to remove a tree that's 7m tall will depend of a variety of factors such as, location, if there anything that could be damaged and therefore does the tree need to be rigged? And what kind of tree.

So a quote will very much be dependent on the individual situation.


Answered 24th Aug 2023

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