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How to stop plaster coming off with wallpaper?

im taking the wallpapper off in my front room and the papers coming off with some of the plasterboard its gone down to the cardboard on some bits, will this still be able to be skimmed over or will it all need new plasterboard, thankyou for any help

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Hi there, in my experience if you are using a steamer this problem occurs alot. Especially if the original plaster is the old lime kind. The steam can penetrate the plaster and cause the different coats to delaminate from eachother. Try to just use warm water after scoring the paper. You can get very good scrapers from places like homebase and screwfix. They have two handles on them with a renwable blade. ( go steady with the new blades though they are v sharp and can dig into the wall) Then just use your steamer on the really stubborn areas. Hope this helps


Answered 26th Apr 2012

it most proberly has not been skimmed just taped and filled the joints steam dose not mix with plasterboard
hope this will help


Answered 26th Apr 2012

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