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How do i find leaking pipes under floor?


I have recently noticed a water noise running thru the pipes in the bathroom while all the water devices are off in the house. I can also hear the water in the pipes in the kitchen near the waste pipe which I believe is coming out there.

How do I go about to find where this leak is without ripping all the floor boards out?

I have turned the water mains off to see if the noise stops which it does. Therefore, I am sure I have a leak under the floors somewhere.

Any advice will be appreciated to tackle this issue.

Background info- I live in a1930s 3 bed house. Bathroom and kitchen are both downstairs

Thanks in advance.

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Hi,not good, you should be able to see a end of a pipe and be able to tell how they run, you might be able to pop a board out get some light down and put a camera down, which you can hire, you could have a nice big gap under the floor as its built on sleeper walls might be able to squeeze down and see, but prob best way take boards out a long the pipe run not as bad as it sounds once you get first one out as you will need room to repair, if you get stuck put job on my builder and get some quotes reed feedback and then it will be fixed, best wishes colin.

Answered 25th Apr 2012

Rigsby Handyman

Member since 14 Aug 2009

Hello, if there was a leak of this nature it would soon show on the ceilings, if there are pipes under the ground floor then yes there could be a leak. Also if there are water storage tanks these take a long time to fill is this the noise you are hearing. The last thing to check are there any overflow pipes running that have gone unnoticed.

Answered 25th Apr 2012

chris tomlin

Member since 28 Mar 2012

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