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Converting small toilet into kitchentte


We are looking to convert a small toilet (6ft by 3.5ft) into a kitchenette.
Is the plumbing work involved major work? would just need connection for the taps on and an electricity socket. I have found a spacesaver unit which comes prebuilt, it just needs the taps connected. please advise how much work is involved.

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Post as a job, get 3 quotes and choose your contractor, impossible to say whats involved without survey.
Regards Mark


Answered 7th Apr 2011

As there was a toilet in situ and waste pipe,the work should be reliatively straight foward.But needs a tradesman to see it first,most professional trades wont quote without seeing job involved.Regards Shaine.


Answered 8th Apr 2011

If you are converting from toilet to kitchen then the cold water pipe should be near, the hot supply would have to be piped in, just depends where from( you may have to lift floorboards etc.) ,as for the socket this has to be proteced by a 30 miliamp rcd so if your consumer unit/fuse box does not have one additional work/upgrading is required,regards Terry.


Answered 8th Apr 2011


I would say use the Hot and cold feeds from the basin (if their was one)
You should be ok to convert the toilet waste into kitchen waste.

I would plan :
-your socket
-your switches
-your sink position
-your units position
-your ventilation
-your isolation points

Just remeber
1st fix electrics
1st fix plumbing
I like to decorate the wall & ceiling at this stage
floor coverings
floor protection
2nd fix plumbing
2nd fix electrics

Many thanks & Kind regards

Phillip Llewellyn


Answered 10th Apr 2011

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