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Is it the switch or the actual light

In my bathroom we have a pull switch that turns on the light but it’s not working anymore when you pull it. It’s always had a problem when pulling it but always turned on but now it’s stopped working. Not too sure if the light has stopped working and needs switched. Not sure if it’s a big job that or a easy fix?

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It sounds like the light switch but to be sure I would need to test it. It is not a big job to test it, and if it is the switch it is not a big job to change it.


Answered 21st Jun 2020

Hi Sophie

Quite simply, when you pull the cord for the light, does it feel like it clicks? If not then the switch is at fault, very simple to do and should not take an electrician long at all.

If it does seem like its engaging and a sort of clunk click when you pull it and the light doesn't work then it may well be the light, but you cant rule out the switch either. If every lightning the house is working fine, then it's something in the bathroom

Your really need someone to look at it but dont be fobbed off, this is a small job if all what I said above is what your experiencing, good luck


Answered 22nd Jun 2020

switch is not making contact check continuity between both terminal and check if live is there on both terminals by pulling the switch


Answered 14th Jul 2020

It could be the light bulb that has stopped working change the light bulb to see if works then if still not working replace the pull cord switch it’s not a big job to complete and shouldn’t be that expensive or take to long for a competent person to change


Answered 19th Jul 2020

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