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QuestionHow much for labour and materials to pu fencing in my garden

My garden is approx 70 feet

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hi there
looking at the answers below i must say most of them are wrong,the fencing is priced per meter not per hole and depending on location type used ,post used gravel boards used depending the site clearance and level ,you have approx. 21 m of fencing price starts from larch lap panel at £50-55 per meter and if is close boarded price starts at £60-65 per meter
the person quoting for £40 per meter is not enough even for the materials and no one works as a fencer or landscaper is working with £50 a day
get a fencing company not a builder company who will price at a professional level and in the same time will fitted for you with warranty in place
only a fencing company will be able to warranty their work
thanks peter

C.F.C Ltd 15th May, 2011

Hello Sir/Madam,
The answer to your question is, £800.00, this is a good quote for the best type of fencing at 6' high in normall conditions, without a site visit could be less or more

Ryan Fencing Co 8th Apr, 2011

Hi, the average cost for standard fencing would be around £80 per hole. That includes panel, gravel board, concrete post, concrete and labour. So for 70ft you're looking at roughly £1000. Location will play a big part in a quote though. That estimate is based in Midlands area.

Kings Builders 11th Apr, 2011

It can depend on which type of fence you require, and what type of fence posts you would like the fence secured with (eg Wood/Concrete). As a guide most Fencing companies work to @£100 per panel. So to erect a 70 foot fence would put you in the region of @ £1200 subject to the exact specifications you require. Hope this helps answer your question. Kind Regards Bizz Ness Property Maintenance.

Bizz-Ness Property Maintenance 7th Apr, 2011

hi charge for 1.8m high close board around £35.00-£45.00 per metre provided dig doent involve breaking out concrete

Lewis 7th Apr, 2011

We charge for close boarding and feather edge 1.2m -1.8m for materials inc labour £47-£60 and for lap fencing from £55 based on a 1.2 panels

RM Landscapes & Design 10th Apr, 2014

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