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Tree Surgery

Would a metal band Around a tree make the tree suffocate ?

Anonymous user 19 June 2020 - 11.38 AM

Hi, I recently had a tree surgeon visit my property and he suggested that the metal band to hold my fence in place (that was put in place over 2.5 years ago) will cause my tree to die. However , it’s been ok for the past 2.5 years and I would like to know if I should take immediate action ? The metal band isn’t wrapped around it completely though. I’ve been saving up to replace my fence and I don’t want to kill my tree in the mean time.

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Commonwealth Trees
Rating: 5 out of 55545 reviews

It may not kill it, but it won't be doing it any good. It will cause long term damage over time if left in place. Would be worth removing it.


19 June 2020


Bruton Tree Care
Rating: 5 out of 55536 reviews

Trees have an ability to protect themselves from invasion from diseases, rot and foreign objects (metal bands for example) they use a process called compartmentalisation to segregate the trouble cells in the wood and stop troubles spreading. As such the band will not likely kill the tree from infection or suffocation, but I would be more expectant of it causing issues from a structural perspective as the tree expands and fills out the metal band. This will cause issues in cell formation and sap flow which are inevitably bad for the ongoing health of the tree.


20 June 2020


5 Shires Tree Surgery
Rating: 5 out of 555274 reviews

Hello The answer to your question is definitely not a metal band would not kill your or any Tree as these are used to brace large limbs and main trunks etc to prevent them from splitting and to make safe and to prolong the life of the tree. The tree will accept foreign objects as long as it’s not hammered into a certain depth past the cambium. The tree will grow around it and will not cause the tree any long term damage and or it to die.


25 June 2020



Anonymous user

The band will eventually cause a problem as the tree trunk expands as eventually the tree would grow over the band which will end up inside the tree trunk and then cause a problem for the tree. Depending on the specimen Will determine the extent of damage but it should be removed and a different method without using the tree as support for your fence would be a better solution


29 June 2020


Rutland Tree Services
Rating: 5 out of 5558 reviews
High Wycombe

You should look at maybe driving a post into the ground and using that as an alternative instead of using the tree as a support for the fence. But if you are sure there is no other alternative option then you should place something soft under the metal band and adjust it when needed so that it does not rub or choke the tree as the tree sways in the wind or as the tree gets bigger choking the cambium layer under the bark. If you neglect the above the band can be engulfed in the tree at a later date. I personally would recommend removing it but the above is a short term solution to your problem with the trees health in mind.


29 January 2022


Branch masters
Rating: 5 out of 5555 reviews

It won't kill it but over time it wouldn't be good for the tree and would also be a pain in the ass when someone has too come and remove it being that chainsaws don't cut metal too well.


23 January 2024