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Loft coversion - new bathroom above old internal one, how to fit extractor fans?

We're planning a loft conversion and will be putting a new a bathroom directly on top of our old.

The existing extractor fan ducting for the current bathroom goes up into the loft, across and then vents out under a soffit at the front of the house.

The planned loft conversion means this arrangement has to be reconsidered as the ducting will be in the way of making a floor upstairs, and even if it could be bedded in between rafters, or similar, it would leave it unserviceable without ripping up the upstairs floor...

So how do we get around this problem? The bathroom downstairs is fully internal.

Is there some way one fan could extract from both bathroom and turn on whenever either bathroom light is put on? Or turn on when either bathroom has humidity above a certain level?

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I would use ducting like the type used on top of kitchen wall units, properly jointed and secured, then out through a wall in between the timbers. Probably over- complicated to have one fan unit working both rooms.


Answered 9th Jun 2020

To extract from both bathrooms you would need to install an in-line fan cor best results


Answered 9th Jun 2020

I would fit a fan in each bathroom with solid ducting for each bathroom , you can have ducting going in between the joists for the lower bathroom and venting out through the
Soffit ,the higher bathroom could be vented through the roof with the appropriate out let thus leaving the fans separate


Answered 13th Jun 2020

Inline fan may need to be accessible. The solid ducting is better as you will only need access to the actual fans. In any case the floor void between bathroom and new dorms should be 9”. Solid ducting is used in high rise apartment blocks.


Answered 18th Jun 2020

Never mix kitchen and bathtroom extractor


Answered 15th Jul 2020

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