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QuestionCan a gas hob and a seperate gas oven both run off one gas inlet.

Hi All,

Got a feeling the answer to this question is a firm no, but just in case.

My flat I have just bought has no cooker, just a gas pipe in the gap where the oven would be.
In an ideal world I want an inbuilt gas hob, and seperate (electric) oven. (I m looking into and have posted re the logistics of getting a new calbe in for the electric oven but it may not be viable).
Due to finances I am doing this in stages, I have two options and would like advice.
Either I go for a temporary all in one freestanding gas oven (of course fitted out by a gas safe engineer). Then at a later date get both the new hob and electric oven installed, but wasting the money on buying/ installing a freestanding cooker.
Or I get gas hob installed within worktop, and my question is could I run a seperate gas oven off this same pipe? e.g can the pipe be spilt by a gas safe engineer allowing me to have an inbuilt gas oven?

Hope that makes sense, thank you.

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you can get an electric fan assisted oven and it will come with a 13amp fused 3 pin plug that you can simply plug in so need to run any cable from consumer board, which means no coslty labour charges

and then you can have your gas hob set within your worktop, fitted by a gas safe registered installer

so you can have your ideal world and also the gas pipe can be teed (split) to serve both a gas hob and gas oven subject to all the relevant checks, correct fittings etc

hope that helps



Alaspects Property Maintenance 26th Apr, 2012

The gas pipe must be registered gas safe person doing either you want freestanding cooker change into worktop type gas hob & oven. There will be one pipe rigid to gas hob and tee branch with backplate elbow with flexible hose to gas oven. Please be aware this job MUST be doing by GAS SAFE REGISTERTED person then you will get gas safety certificate after gas work.

gasman85 22nd Apr, 2012

Yes you can.but there's going to be a fair amount of pipe work that would need changing to bring it up to regs regardless if you had an electric oven or not(gas shut off valve in unit next to hob/oven not behind same goes for the electric's.i'm no gas fitter but I do take notice of what my guy does on my job's.just post the job on here and get some quotes.

S M Joinery 22nd Apr, 2012

Yes as long as the Gas Supply is big enough.
This is done by a Gas engineer calculating the KW of the Gas appliances in the house on the supply pipe.
This determines the size pipe required or if it is big enough.
The second issue to look at is the ventilation requirements.
This goes by size of Kitchen an openable, door or window direct to outside air determine weather or not ventilation is required.
If you do not meet the requirement , you can do the work to meet the Guidlines or change to an Electic induction hob and Electic fan assisted oven.
Electric or Gas Aplliances come Energy rated A or A+ and finally A++.
Anything below this will not be so efficient.
Kind regards Alan Julius
A J Gas & Water Limited.

Alan Julius 24th Jan, 2016

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