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Paint coming off outside walls

I have Crown Sandtex Hibuild paint on my outside walls (over render). In 4 yrs it started to bubble and peel off. Paint is supposed to last upto 15yrs. Dont think render was sealed and possible render fault. What can be done or how can it be tested please? New house, but builders very evasive and don't want to know as 'decorative' and property over 2yrs old. Unfortunately, there is no facility on here for me to put photos. Crown analysed samples. No evidence of sealant, only render on back of these. Areas are spreading slowly but it started at the bottom and now bubbles appearing higher up. There are also little holes in the paint in places like pin pricks or bigger. Thought water may be penetrating through these over time. I am trying to get evidence to go back to builders. One neighbour with same coating has found small bubble now. Thank yoy so much for comments, very much appreciated.

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HighBuild as you know is more like an exterior artex than a paint. It does sound like the preperation process was no done properly(it wasn't sealed or substrate was too wet when applied). Sorry to say that if the whole house has not been preperared properly then it may just keep spreading over time. You could try scraping back the bad areas sealing them up and patching in with Highbuild, then coating the whole lot again with a quality masonary paint (after filling the little holes) but this would cost quite alot of money and time and I couldnt be sure that would solve the problem. My advice would again to go back to Sandtex and demand they investigate after all its their product that is failing and they should be able to tell you why!

Answered 22nd May 2012

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It sounds as if your walls were not sealed and washed before paint was applied, this is a common mistake "more so by the cowboys in our trade" but unfortunatley you cant do very much about it as im more than certain it was not applied correctley and this would be the first question asked by the paint manufactuer.
You need to jet wash your walls and seal and re-paint, further exspense but one you will either way incure if you want to maintain your property as a bad decoration can cause detorating problems elsewhere,as its not doing its job, which is a decorative protection of substrate.
Kind regards

Ps if you can prove your decorator did not apply correctley maybe you can seek redress through his or there business ?
Put some pictures up so as i may see the deterioration.

Answered 2nd May 2012

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