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Kick board removal

Hi could someone help with how to remove the kickboard from base of kitchen units? Have tried to pull but they won't budge. Also whether or not relevant there are several white clips above the kickboard which has some sort of mechanism inside which appear to be where the kickboard is attached. Any advise appreciated

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Sounds as if the Plinth has been fitted to tight to the underside of the cabinets,
if you have a free standing appliance you can always knock it out from behind,
Failing that you can get something to pull it by hooking behind.


Answered 2nd Jun 2020

I use a suction device used for lifting glass. You can get these quite cheaply from Screwfix.


Answered 2nd Jun 2020

Without being able to see how the plinths are attached, my guess would be that the clips are possibly a spring loaded type which will have a specific way to release it , ie a blade inserted etc,
Also I find it helps to use a glass suction handle to help pull the plinths off it saves damaging the edges and saves you fingers too , hope this helps


Answered 7th Jun 2020

See if there’s a slight gap between the plinth and bottom of unit , I use a bend filler knife . Sometimes knocking with your fist will loosen a clips , knock in the middle of a unit or as far away from a clip . If all fails , drill a screw in an invisible place


Answered 4th Jun 2020

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