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I have an area of garden which I would like to replace with artificial grass. Two thirds of the area is currently covered with paving slabs, while the other third is covered in decorative stones.

Upon removing the paving slabs I found that there is a thick(ish) layer of sand. Underneath the decorative stones there isn't any sand and therefore the ground level is reasonably deeper where the decorative stones used to lie.

I could rake the sand across and cover the area where the decorative stones did lie as this would even the ground level out, but I was wondering if this would have any effect when I lay and compact my layer of MOT 1? I plan to place a layer of weed membrane down before the MOT 1, and once that is compacted I will lay and compact a layer of granite dust, before finally laying the grass.

Many thanks


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Personally I would remove all sand + spoil. Excavate to required depth. Membrane down..Mot1..3-4 inches. Whacker down..up to desired level before sanding.with sharp sand. whacker again.. add top membrane before artificial turf.


Answered 2nd Jun 2020

Most definitely put a weed membrane down and apply mot type one sub base and compact with wacker plate then screed sand to level


Answered 2nd Jun 2020

The customer was right in my opinion as membrain and hardcore was to be installed . To be honest I never lay artificial grass on a riversand bed always granite as the customer again suggested


Answered 12th Jun 2020

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