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I am considering to put an offer for an house in London (near Clapham North).
it's about 90 square meters split on 3 floors:
Ground floor: 1 kitchen, 1 living room (ideally would like the 2 rooms together), 1 bathroom (toilet + sink)
First floor: 1 bedroom and 1 bathrooms (toilet+sink+bath)
Second floor: 2 bedrooms

Everything need to be re-done as it is very old and never had maintenance, and I would really do not know how to start.
It will need re-wiring, flooring, new bathrooms, new kitchen, lightening, boiler, walls and painting and I have no idea what else.

There are 2 fireplaces on each floor as well that I would ideally remove the internal breast to recover the space.

How long would take to do a complete refurbishment including new kitchen and bathrooms, like the one I describe?

Thank you in advance for your attention.

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I think first you have to strip out everything including all ceilings then it will be easier and cheaper to update new electric and plumbing.
Then you can prepare walls and ceilings for plastering and painting.
After that you are ready for final bits kitchen, bathroom, flooding etc.
The whole project will take around 3-5 months.
If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.


Answered 4th Jun 2020

From my experience doing renovations best bet if your doing the whole house is gut it completely and remove breast, get plumber and electrician in them go from there


Answered 2nd Jun 2020

Ideally you would need to do complete strip out so as to see condition of joists etc and to see which was are load bearing to see what walls can be taken out easily or if steel is needed,the chimney stacks can be removed but if this is this a semi detached or terraced property,if it is you need to confirm if your neighbour has had their stack removed also,because you may need to remove complete stack if they have removed theirs,once all structural works have been done then plumbing and electrical work and waste can be done,after that insulation,board work and plastering can be done,then fixtures and fittings,it could be a 4-6 month project depending on level of structural work needed,any advice needed give me a call.Baz


Answered 20th Jun 2020

Since there is no important structural works involved I would recommend a time frame of 12 weeks to fully complete the works.


Answered 20th Jun 2020

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