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Thinking of having parquet floor for kitchen/diner area.The area in question is 14M square. There are a few rececesses to navigate such as fireplace hearth etc but mostly all straight lines and 90 degree angles. The existing floor is pine floor boards and level.
My question is, given how expensive the parquet flooring is, there is no way I want to fit it (I am an avid DIYer but I know my limits) are there professional tradesmen who specialise in fitting such flooring ?
Also, just out of interest, what are the options with respect to fitting such flooring in relation to existing skirting? In the ideal situation the skirts could be lifted, floor laid then skirts replaced, but this isn't an option. I definitely don't like the idea of beading as I think it looks cheap etc.

Any advice, info appreciated.

Thank you in advance.


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Hi Den,
You should definitely hire a wood floor layer for the job, if you are around Bristol please get in touch I can help you with that. With regards to the borders, you can have the contractor trim the bottom of the skirting board to fit the parquet underneath it and allow for expansion.
I hope this helps.


Answered 31st May 2020

Hi den,
You would definitely need a flooring specialist there are many options for parquet ie laminate parquet, engineered parquet, and solid parquet all come at different prices and would some of these would need prep work. For example if your looking at solid oak parquet being fitted on to floorboards they would need lay ply wood first then a flexible glue normally solid floor you can sand and finish it with a lacquer or oil. If you want an engineered floor the same process but the flooring comes already finished and laminate you have to lay a under lay down so not so much prep work involved. With regards to your skirtings I would recommend that either you or the flooring company remove them carefully but some skirting can damage the plaster.


Answered 1st Jun 2020

Some flooring companies specialise in fitting wooden floor and would be very comfortable fitting it this way, they are the way to go, but make sure they have done similar work before, as for the skirting boards if they are lifted prior it would offer a much better finish and save on time for the floor to be fitted, or trim the boards as they go but that would add some time and an additional cost to the job


Answered 31st May 2020

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