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Any tips on removing tree stumps you can’t get all the way around? Got a wall running along behind it. Any help will be appreciated

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A Stump grinder or mini digger Should do it


Answered 30th May 2020

Or if your on a budget. Hand saws, pick axes and a heavy fencing pike


Answered 1st Jun 2020

Small pedestrian grinder will be fine as long as there’s room at the front and sides to move the grinder about. Or pick axe and digging equipment


Answered 1st Jun 2020

A stumpgrinder can get the stump out, provided you have access via a normal gate width and can reach the stump from one side. However if there is concrete or other obstacles nearby, you cannot get closer than 3 or 4 inches to the obstacles.


Answered 2nd Jun 2020

If you can not get the root out via digging or stump grinder, best thing to do is drill 6inch holes in the stump and poison it, cover with a bag and over a few months should slowly rot away and can be broken out


Answered 16th Apr 2021

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