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Bad workmanship on a bathroom re-fit means i have only paid 1500 of the 2300 quote and do not want the original guy to finish he job. is this fair?

The finish is terrible: on the boxing no two lines match up, there are cracks in the grout already (2 weeks), the bath and basin seals look like they've been done by a 2 year old, the tiles do not line up, there are spacers left in and evident, there are screws sticking out behind the shower screen, the toilet seat does not stay up due to some of the boxing, there is no bath plug, I cannot access the stop-cock etc. I do not trust him to make good as he has accused me of just being "pernickety". I have paid him 1500 but he texts daily for the rest and is calling me ignorant and all sorts. I have had 4 quotes to correct the work- all very varied. They all agree that the shower has been incorrectly fitted to a board which cannot be guaranteed not to move with the shower door hence the grout cracks. I have told the original tradesman that when I have sorted the job he will know if he is due any more money but until then I will not do anything else about it. He is constantly chasing me but I cannot make things move any faster.
Am I OK to carry on choosing someone else to complete the works as I cannot tolerate his anger and do not trust him to be capable of the finish I need?

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if the work truly if poor then i wouldnt have anyone back to my home and im sure most on here would agree, use the remaining money to get a decent man in to put right and finish his bodged job. do not let him bully you into paying either!

Answered 20th Apr 2012


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Tricky one. Contract law states that you should give the original contractor the chance to make good the workmanship. Probably best to write to him with a list of your exact problems giving him ten days to fix them to the satisfaction of your local building inspector. After that time tell him you are going to contract the work out and deduct it from his balance. You probably won't hear from him again. The alternative is to go and see Messrs Sue, Grabbit & Runne, which will cost and probably take the rest of your life, or the Citizens Advice people.


Answered 20th Apr 2012

photofinish contracts

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Do not pay this clown another penny.Tell him the remainder of his fee is being put towards rectifying his bad workmanship.Make sure your new tradesman lists all the faults and then notify trading standards and maybe this clown can be stopped from recking someone elses home.Hope you didnt find him on this site.Idiots like him give the rest of us a bad name.Good luck

Answered 20th Apr 2012

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hearing this story all too often now,problem being people are looking for bargains problem being THERE ARE NO BARGAINS IN BUILDING WORK OF ANY KIND,just cheap shoddy workmanship,2300 is very tight budget for a bathroom anyway,the guy then starts to rush the job ect ect,what were your other quotes.the most basic budget bathroom completely fitted and tiled start from 3-3.5k,some bathrooms are 20k plus ask dolphin bathrooms for a quote,you get what you pay for im afraid.get 3 more quotes to rectify ,problem is it is now very hard to price shoddy workmanship without ripping out and starting all over ,sometimes more cost effective

Answered 22nd Apr 2012


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Tough one I'm afraid. The installer should really be given the chance to rectify any faults you have found, however the faults you have listed indicate this "bathroom installer" is not a tradesman. The faults listed i.e. Grout lines do not match, this is very poor workmanship as the tiling is ultimatly the most important finish of the bathroom. Spacers exposed! once again poor, How can the board move that the shower door is secured to?? The stop cock should always be readilly accessable. This all amounts up to an installation of extremley poor quality. Did you have any other quotes for the bathroom? did this "bathroom installer" come recommended? was this the cheapest quote? The problem you have been left with is unfurtunate, but did you do your homework on these people prior to hiring? There are so many people out there claiming to be tradesmen, when all they want to do is take your money. Best of luck rectifying the work, because personally I would strip the lot and start all over again!!

Answered 20th Apr 2012

Dave Webley and Son

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he shd b allowed to fin job but if u r not happy with his work put it in writing what u intend to do or pay for a independant inspector to quality controle work done

Answered 19th Apr 2012

michael odell

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Hi get serveral more contractor in to requote and get them to sort it but please do your home work on the person you are hiring this time ask for references.

Answered 20th Apr 2012


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From the way you have described the finished job I think you are well within your rights to with hold the balance of the total cost.
You don't say what the £2300 is for is it labour costs or is it for the whole job,bath,basin,wc,tiles,shower,cubical,tiles,materials, labour costs.
I would take some photographs of the workmanship before you get the problems rectified.
Just tell the tradesman he will have to wait for any money due to him.
Hope this helps

Answered 19th Apr 2012

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