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Can i fit a hot/cold combi tap to my wash basin?

I'd like to fit a combi tap to my bathroom wash basin as it will be more practical to my current separate hot and cold tap. I have read somewhere that it is not advised if we have a water tank in the loft for cold water. Hot water is from the hot water tank heated by gas (we have gas air flow heating and hot water system).

Will the mixer tap 2 Stainless steel braided hoses go through the original for example, cold water tap hole?

* Thank you MyBuilder Plumber. I was thinking of installing a mixer tap with flexible tap tails with hot and cold water going into one tap. Is this type of mixer tap ok with a water tank on loft?

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Yes, this is possible and can be successfully installed. However there are a few points I would recommend the client to consider.
1) That you are using a low pressure mixer tap suitable for a gravity fed system.
2) Some mixerS mix in the body of the tap and will require an extra non return valve installed. If they mix in the spout this is not an issue.
3) If you are using a high pressure mixture tap then a pump could be installed but this would be an unnecessary expensive route. Options 1/2 should be the most suitable and adequate for this job.

Response to your second question:
Yes it is, look for a suitable low pressure system mixer tap which mixes the water at the spout. (This will be in The description of the tap you are buying) and you should be good to go. Any issues it is best to get in touch with a local plumber to help you fit it correctly.


Answered 27th May 2020

If you fit any monobloc tap that does not have separate controls on an unbalanced system, the cold will simply push the hot back up its pipe. A non-return valve will just make the hot slower, but will stop the cold pushing the hot. But then again, any attempt at warm water will cause the cold to keep the non-return valve closed. So you can have hot with poor pressure or cold. Never a mixture of both.


Answered 2nd Feb 2021

Just a quick important thing Which is needed to be point out in here on top of their explanations above is :
In regards with using any types of mixing tap
( hight pressure or low pressure) we first need to find out whether the BOTH hot & cold water pipes are either garvity fed OR pumped hot and cold main . It means that we need them hot & cold pipes to be of a same nature !
THEN we’ll see what’s the best solution for it to get the tap works .
Little example here to make this point clear is if we’ve got a gravity fed hot water and cold water which is off the Main , neither of the taps they mentioned earlier on ( law /high pressure ) will work properly !!!!!!!!!!!
So we first get this point clear and then it’s time for an appropriate action .
Kind Regards ,
Thanks - Amir


Answered 2nd Feb 2021

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