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Fibreglass roof and guttering

I’ve just had a fibreglass roof fitted through my I’m worried about the look of the roof as it appears to have a number of what looks like pin holes and very small lines over it. Also the gutter doesn’t catch the rainwater as it falls onto the building. I’ve tried contacting the builder on several occasions and am still waiting for a response from him. Should I be worried? The work was completed about 2 weeks ago. I am trying to download pictures but don’t know how to do so. Can someone please help.

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Sounds like it needs another coat of top paint and a bigger drip fitted to catch the water in the gutter rather than it going behind the gutter.... regarding the lines on the roof, that’s the joints of the decking boards which are not usually visible if you use t &g boards... hope this helps


Answered 26th May 2020

Yes I’d be concerned. Not installed correctly. Pin holes will appear when not enough resin is used. Over time this will let water in. 2 battens should have been fitted to the drip edge so that the drip trim finishes about middle of the gutter so no water can get behind.


Answered 25th May 2020


It's not what you want to hear but you shouldn't have pin holes in the GRP. When laid correctly (dependent on product) your fiberglass matting should be worked into the deck and base coat thoroughly which bonds the fibres to the area being covered. Once sanded there should be a nice smooth service for the second coat of GRP. This should have a nice seamless and smooth finish with no fiber or pinhole showing. Also the flow to the gutter may be because the drip edge hasn't been installed away from the roof edge with a supporting batten to fall into the centre of the gutter.

Dependent on the severity of the roof yo may able to reinstall the trim to the gutter and overlay the deck again but it would need to be tested to see how strong the bond to the deck is.

Hope that helps



Answered 26th May 2020

Base coat has been applied to thin to the matting which causes topcoat to form the pin hole effect, another layer of topcoat should correct the job.


Answered 27th May 2020

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