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Do i need to contact locksmith, carpenter or handyman?

Hi, we have a upvc double glazed door with a multi point lock which opens into the garden. The door doesn't appear to be closing properly which means the handle will not move upwards in order to lock it. It needs to be slammed very hard and whilst pulling, the handle needs to be forced upwards in order for it to be locked. Not sure who to contact so can anybody advise me please? Many thanks.

I have oiled all parts of lock inside and out to no avail.

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sounds like doors are needing re-aligned, something a locksmith can do


Answered 21st May 2020

A lock smith can help as a lock smith work with a lot of upvc locks and they are specailist in this area


Answered 21st May 2020

You need a locksmith. Sometimes basic hinge adjustment isn’t enough and door set may require toe & heeling. Most important thing is do not continue with it in this condition because you will break the gearbox and end up with a locked door set you can’t open and a bill 3-4 times higher.


Answered 21st May 2020

From the description the door has dropped and needs to be adjusted on the top hinge.
The face plate will come off and it can be adjusted by using an alan key to lift the door back up so the door closes with ease


Answered 21st May 2020

Might need a lock smith could also be that the door has dropped abit and needs repacking and resetting .


Answered 21st May 2020

You need a locksmith


Answered 21st May 2020

A locksmith is required , a handyman or glazier will not be able to evaluate the failure and order the correct parts. If door hasn’t failed as yet I would suggest not using it as it will fail in locked position.


Answered 21st May 2020

Common problem on uPVC door.
First check the door level top and side near locking mechanism because hinges can be worn and door can drop .If is nessesary adjust hinges . When you got all in line and you still force the handle to lift then check frame keeps ,you can adjust them too.Hope this will help you "Good Luck"


Answered 21st May 2020



Answered 21st May 2020

It could be several things
1 door may need re-lining
2 gearbox trouble
3 Hill snd toe out
Or adjustment

Job for a locksmith


Answered 21st May 2020

This looks like classic misalignment.The door can be realigned by hinge adjustment. If the door lock action works properly when not in the frame its more than likely that this is the problem.
A Locksmith would be the best to contact, just in case any fine adjustment is needed.


Answered 21st May 2020

A handyman , locksmith or Glazier would be able to fix this.
The doors have dropped and just need re adjusting.


Answered 21st May 2020

Sounds like the door just needs adjusting as you said the lock works if door is slammed and used with force. So defo just needs adjusting.


Answered 22nd May 2020

you need a locksmith its quite a common problem it seems that the door has dropped so its not going too function with the keep and will need adjusting


Answered 3rd Oct 2020

Yes sounds like the doors will need re-aligning and the door will shut and lock properly over time the doors drop from usage.


Answered 8th Nov 2020

Sounds like your door has dropped and needs realigned which should be done by a locksmith, fairly simple and quick job, but as others have stated it needs done quickly as forcing the door to lock will break the internal mechanism which will cost a lot more to replace.


Answered 20th Dec 2020

Common issue with pvc doors. Over time they do drop due to the weight and will need realignment. Other factors like how hot or cold it is does can effect it also. A standard job for a Locksmith.


Answered 4th Sep 2021

Call a local Locksmith - by your description your door is misaligned, this is a common fault in upvc doors. The most likely solution will be a hinge adjustment or panel/glass toe and heel.

Continuous use with out a realignment will cause a lot of stress on the multipoint locking system and may cause your gearbox to fail, this is in turn with incur further unnecessary costs.


Answered 10th Nov 2021

It sounds like the door needs to be adjusted on the hinges and possibly the keeps but I would call a locksmith or window and door specialist


Answered 8th Dec 2021

Definitely need a locksmith.
Sounds like the door needs re-aligned and/or a problem with your door mechanism and gearbox potentially.


Answered 16th Jun 2022

Alignment or Gearbox issue - Locksmith


Answered 22nd Jan 2023

A locksmith would be the best person to call. They have the necessary tools and expertise to diagnose and fix issues with the door.


Answered 28th Apr 2023

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