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Upvc door door is in lock position won't open

Door is in lock position the key is just turning round in the lock barrel how do I open the door

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There could be a couple of reasons for this to have happened, the best thing to do is call a qualified registered locksmith or reputable Upvc specialist as the door may require speading to get it open so access can be gained to the locking mech without any damage to either the door its self or the locking mechanism,once open the fault can be correctley and cost effectivley diagnosed for you.


Answered 20th May 2020

If it’s in the locked position then will have to call someone with the right tools and Experience to get it open.
It’s not a job to do if you have never done it before.


Answered 20th May 2020

I’ve had this call out myself.
First of all deglaze the door totally and then I have a tool that can be used to slide the door gearing into open position.
The problem can either be a new door barrel or gearing.


Answered 21st May 2020

Spreading a upvc door without doing irreparable damage is virtually impossible. The lock barrel can be removed very easily by snapping it off. See you tube. This will allow access to release the locking mech. A new lock barrel will be about 10% of the price of a locksmith and can be done by anyone with experience of upvc products


Answered 26th May 2020

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