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Get new block paving drive or reuse old block paving?

Hey everyone

Trying to decide what is best for new drive and whether to go with reusing block paving, resin or tarmac drive.

Issue with current block paving is although the drive is flat and hasn't sunk anywhere, we've found the blocks are cemented in rather than just laid down. I'm not sure why they are cemented in, what's the likelihood of getting these up without breaking them so they can be reused and relaid?

The size of drive is about 110 square meters and blocks are about 30 years old but in good condition. Just not sure if it's best to reuse or go new or just go tarmac/resin

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Have you considered jet washing the blocks as this can often bring your driveway back to life.

Bringing cemented blocks up and reusing would be very time consuming as you would have to chisel most blocks I would say.

Anyway goodluck!


Answered 18th May 2020

Depends on what your term for cemented in means. Are the blocks laid on hard mortar bed with grouted joints? What blocks are they? If they’re just standard driveline pavers then there’s only a low chance of reusing them. If they’re something natural like granite or at a push clay then you could get them up and reused. But you’ll not know if this can be done until you actually start the work. Plus the labour involved in taking up and reusing blocks or setts is double as you have all the double handing and cleaning off along with bumping everything out again!

Sometimes it’s best to just break the lot out and re do it all.


Answered 20th May 2020


Like the comment says above you can try and jet wash then and hopefully they will come up but sometimes it will take to long and you will have some that are more worn then other, so you will have to replace some. But then the old ones will not look as good as the ones u replace them with.

But it’s all to do with money if u can afford to replace them then that would give u a cleaner job.


Answered 19th May 2020

Resin would be expensive tarmac is a good choice if not new paving blocks not worth cleaning old ones get rid of


Answered 20th May 2020

Jet wash and buy some Seal n' tint concrete stain. £20 a tub and makes worn paving blocks as good as new.


Answered 2nd Oct 2020

Resin is a modern And low maintenance driveway but Hawe you think just to cleaning and sealing the block if them are 30 yrs old bun still in good condition them must be clay block ,better than concrete
Good luck!!


Answered 13th Nov 2020

Agree with the men on here, easiest thing is here is jet washing but some block paved is coloured, you could take colour off the block with excessive jet washing. You could struggle with them being cemented in because it would take a lot of time to get every part off if you wanted to re-use.However If you do want to give your drive a revamp though,resin is the new in product and looks fantastic. Guaranteed to last a long time if prepped correctly, slip resistant and has “suds” - sustainable urban drainage system.


Answered 21st Jan 2021

Pressure cleaning and sealing the drive is a cost efficient and effective way of bring the way drive back to life and less time consuming then having a new drive fitted.


Answered 6th Mar 2021

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