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Change colour of imprinted concrete driveway


after some advice. I have a terracotta imprinted concrete driveway and would like to alter the colour to grey if possible. I've spoken with a couple of companies - one says that it is not recommended as it might damage the drive, the other says it is fine through use of a solvent based stripped (solstrip) then applying a solid colour stain then sealing. Just wondered if anyone had experience doing this ?

thanks for your help.

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I would have to see what the surface is like it’s not something I would recommend I’ve been doing pattern imprinted concrete for over 20 years and it’s not the done thing as will be ok for a few months then it will peal off mad you will end up with a patchy driveway probably not what you want to hear but just trying to be honest with you .
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Answered 19th May 2020

Yes mix sealer with pigment can go same cooler or darker


Answered 19th May 2020

I would say if it’s been done in the proper colour terracotta using the right materials for the concrete imprint on the colours gone very weak you could give it to possibly three coats of the great and it would be fine as long as you use the correct materials not paint you have to use the proper creep print


Answered 7th Jun 2020

I would consider a light shot blast then possibly a sprayed solvent free also depends on how textured the imprint is. You can always go over it with a resin bound Drive way always good for a change 👍


Answered 7th Jun 2020

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