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New waste, not wasting

Hi all,

I have just fitted a new waste (trap?) under the sink with three waste connections (sink, dishwasher and washing machine. The old one only had two so I was swapping out the waste when using dishwasher/washing machine.

Since doing this, the appliances aren’t wasting properly and have water at the bottom of the drum etc. Maybe about two inches worth. I can’t see why this is happening.

The old connection fitted at a right angle (the tube to the waste) and I have now pointed it diagonally upward. Also I have removed the waste pipe when the water hasn’t drained and there isn’t anything coming out, also I have removed a section of the waste (trap) and there is no build up of water in there. So I don’t think it’s over filling then going up the waste.

The waste for the dishwasher is in the same position, it goes up and then down. It almost seems as if the appliances now don’t have enough power to push the water out.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance

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Many new waste traps for appliances have a bung inside them that needs to be removed. Check this. then check for kink & blockages in the hoses.


Answered 12th May 2020

I agree with the above answer but also some washing machines have a pressure valve on the outlet which switches if the waist is blocked or restricted


Answered 16th May 2020

Please check that the top of the spigots that take the waste from appliances have been cut I have known for some of them not to have been cut and also check the blue block of insert in them has been removed and yes check pipes for kinks etc


Answered 5th Jun 2020

Like previous guy put there is a blue cap You pull of or you have to cut the end of before connecting the flex pipes,If not try putting the end of the flexy pipes in to a bucket see if the appliances empty then,If they do then obviously there is something not right on the waste pipes hope this helps.


Answered 11th Jun 2020

Most spigot traps have to have the blue bungs removed from the inside to allow water to pass through them, check for twists and kinks in hose,(important make sure when pushing the appliance back into position after connecting that you don’t crush the drain hose!) if all that’s ok you need to check the pump filter on washing machine for blockages lint build up socks etc.


Answered 11th Jun 2020

Follow the manufacturers instructions. Although it has 2 spigots on the waste trap.....

Some appliances shouldn't be connected to them with another appliance... In the same trap.


Answered 11th Sep 2020

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