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Rising damp on wall

Hi all, I have rising damp on one particular wall caused by lack of effective DPC during a major refurb. I have bought dry rod to treat but need to insert into brickwork. This will mean cutting away part of the plasterboard. Can only part of the plasterboard be cut to expose brickwork and then replace plasterboard and skim or would I need to replace all the plasterboard on that wall? Thanks.

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In short yes, part of the plasterboard can be removed but enough so inspection can be visible after 10 days or So.


Answered 9th Jun 2021

Good afternoon. What you are trying to do is drill and inject if its in a solid wall or party wall it won't work due to there being a risk of water bridging from the other side of the wall. Also there are other steps that need to be followed such as rendering and tanking below floor level if possible. Unfortunately whoever didn't put the dpc in or damp proof before the room was put together will cost you a bit of money to put right. Sorry to be the voice of doom.


Answered 21st May 2020

You could try just removing the skirting boards first to access the areas that needs treatment.


Answered 21st May 2020

Cut plasterboard to around 300 past the highest part of damp make Repares then fit new board and skim.


Answered 21st May 2020

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