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How can i repair/waterproof front steps to my property

Hello, I have a typical London terraced house with seven steps running up to the front door. They are in very bad repair, the stone is v brittle in places and water is leaking into the storage area underneath.

I see similar properties that have been repaired with a thick grey covering but have no idea what it is and whether it is the best solution ?

Can somebody recommend a solution ?
What type of tradesmen should I ask to so this work,I have had zero responses on my builder ?

Thanks in advance,

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It's a waterproof. Resin by the sounds of it which they paint on
Thank you


Answered 18th Apr 2012

Hello the thick grey covering is probably a water proof paint used as a temporary solution. On the description you have given me, I would get a builder to take out all the damaged bricks/stone and replace with new. If ALL the steps are damaged I would replace all the steps with new. With water penetration it is best to take it right back and start again. I hope this is ok.


Answered 18th Apr 2012

The thick grey covering you have seen is asphalt which is a commonly used and very effective sollution to the problems you describe.


Answered 18th Apr 2012

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