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This is a long shot but could you give me some advice on our conservatory?
It is thirty years old and made of wood which the sills at the bottom and some outside panels are pure wood rot. And the door frame and adjoining wall to the left has a lot of movement. Some of the windows are not attached properly also.
We had a couple of joiners to look at it and some said knock it down as it wouldn't be financially viable to do repair, however, one had said he could replace necessary wood but couldn't guarantee that he wouldn't find more problems after starting the job.
Since lockdown it isn't possible to get the joiner in. It is barely stable upon opening and closing the door. The hinges to the door are on the left hand side that sits against the wall. That wobbles.
Is there anyway we can fix or do something at least to stabilise it ourselves? My other half is pretty good at DIY but this is obviously something that needs an expert in the long run. It is the main entrance to the house which isn't ideal.
Please please help me.
Thanks in advance

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It sounds like structurally it’s unstable and lots of rot, unfortunately it’s not a diy job that can be done and sounds like you need it removing asap before you open the door and falls off on you.... if you can’t get a joiner to make it secure urgently then look for someone to come and demolish it.... you will stand a better chance of getting a joiner if you ask for it to be replaced rather than coming to repair it ( joiners stopped repairing frames years ago ) hope this helps


Answered 2nd May 2020

You should start by stabling the door frame and conservatory to the house if the is movement it will speed up the decay. I recomend useing window fixing all you need is a drill/driver its a prity stright forward job. I would recomend replasing the existing structure but it sounds like you want to extend the life of your existing structure


Answered 5th May 2020

A conservatory has to be structurally sound ,
From what you’re saying I would be replacing like for like with a new pvc one . This way you don’t need planning or B/warrant


Answered 23rd May 2020

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