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Preparing previous quarry sand subbase for tiling

I would like to tile our hallway which currently has quarry tiles. The floor sinks slightly in the middle so we decided to investigate and lifted a few quarry tiles out. The subbase appears to be sand which is what I expected after reading a few websites on the internet.

The area is about 1sqm so quite small and manageable for any work.
What do I need to do to prepare the surface for tiling?
My plan is to remove the quarry tiles, lay damp proof membrane and sand&concrete mix.

The rest of the house is floorboard.
Many thanks.

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To make sure you have a strong base underneath your tiles , I suggest remove and dispose the sand , and pour at list 10cm Hight concrete . After the concrete it’s dry you can install your new tiles. For more information please don’t hesitate to contact me. Thanks


Answered 1st May 2020

need to lift all the tiles also thoroughly clean all the sand underneath ,first primer,
after latex or self level
to bring up so that then the tiles will end up at the same level with wooden flooring


Answered 29th Apr 2020

Remove the old substrate, clean out as much as you can. Pour concrete up to the right level.
Leave it to set properly and allow the proper drying times before you tile it again
Use an sbr primer before tiling


Answered 1st May 2020

Remove at least 75mm of the sand in affected area and place a membrane in and up to existing finished floor level.
Mix up a sharp sand and cement mix 3:1 ratio to form a mix that will hold together like a snowball.
Fill area and compact to make it solid to the exist floor level.
Leave to dry for at least a few weeks.
Wood floor can be covered with a movement mat.
Prime boards. Cut movement mat to to suit the floor.
Mix tile adhesive spread on part of floor to cover first part of matting and press mat into adhesive smoothing out and air bubbles.
And repeat until boards are covered.
Floor is ready fo tiling.


Answered 1st May 2020

To make sure you have a strong base underneath your tiles, I suggest remove and dispose the sand It doesn't have to be 10cm, maybe 50mm-70mm less concrete is perfect and the rest of the answer is good


Answered 1st May 2020

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