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Possible asbestos flue

Advice needed! My husband found and removed a small section of pipe from the kitchen wall after removing some boxing where what looks like an old boiler was. He has said it slid out from the wall easily and was fully in tact and in good condition. However I'm just worried about the potential dust or particles that may have been released from doing so. Is there any need to be worried? any advice on what I should do next, is it worth arranging a test to be carried out on the pipe for peace of mind?

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The dust if any would be minimal, If he was careful and didn't damage the pipe
there probably isn't any dust. You should be ok.
If you wanted to contact a local asbestos removal firm they would look for you.


Answered 29th Apr 2020

Potentially the dust particles may have already been released .
I’d advise wearing FFP3 dust mask .
Vacuum out the dust from where the pipe was then dispose of the Hoover bag at the local waste transfer site ( dump )
In the allocated hazardous waste section . Wipe all surfaces in the kitchen with a damp cloth .
Everything should be fine with no concerns.


Answered 29th Apr 2020

For the small amount of dust released, there is no need to worry. If you are constantly dealing with asbestos, then there would be something to worry about. I heard it can take up to 30 years for the asbestos to do any harm. Although I do know someone that had died from it, but he was drilling ceilings which were full of it for years.


Answered 29th Apr 2020

Before taking action I would consult an asbestos specialist it’s not worth taking any chances when it come to asbestos.


Answered 3rd May 2020

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