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What would cause new brickwork dwarf walls and edging around a rasied flower bed to loosen and crack along the grout lines between the bricks causing a need for the brickwork to be re-done

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foundations not deep enough and not enough ties in flowerbed wall


Answered 14th Apr 2012

By new,do you mean last few months? Could be a number of things but frost springs to mind.Ask your builder/bricklayer what has happened.


Answered 15th Apr 2012

Cold weather when mortar was still setting.

Something alot of people dont know is that the cement in the mortar can also be affected by the soil that has been used to fill the flower bed in. E.g. If there is Sulfate in the soil and Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) has been used, sulfate eats it away. In this case Sulfate Resistant Portlant Cement (SRPC) would be needed.

Sulfate reacts with tri calcium aluminate which is present in most cements. Any work where the mortar, concrete etc comes into contact with Sulfate, a SRPC should be used.


Answered 11th Jun 2012

Are there sufficient outlets for water release within the flowerbed/walls?

If not this could be one of the causes because of build up of water behind and forcing the brickwork to move forward.

This is very common with retaining walls and raised beds, there should be sufficient outlets for the release of the built up of water installed into the wall, similar situation to an overflow in your sink in the house.


Answered 28th Oct 2014

Bad workmanship basically because if it was done correctly by a good bricklayer/builder this would not happen buy cheap buy twice if you know what I mean


Answered 30th Sep 2015

This could be caused by a number of things , mortar not strong enough , brickwork built in cold weather
( temperature for building should be 3+ degrees ) , foundations not deep & wide enough .


Answered 25th Feb 2018

Could be a number of things, frost, mortar harder than bricks. Ask the tradesman who done the work. Should be know problem getting a answer of them if they are legit.


Answered 25th Sep 2018

Could be a few reasons without seeing the wall i would say either frost has set in the mortar or there is too much damp gatehring behind the brickwork.


Answered 15th Oct 2018

Could be damp in the soil affecting mortar,
Could be bricks are not suited for job,
Could be mortar mix used,
Could be plants are to big and roots are affecting wall.
Could be a number of things hope this helps


Answered 2nd Jan 2019

Could be the foundations are not deep enough or the foundations have been dug and earth has been put back before concreting.


Answered 27th Mar 2019

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