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Hi i need to replace 2 concrete fence posts should i use postcrete if so how many bags per post thanks

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2 bags per post, one bag is not enough!


Answered 18th Jul 2013

If you are digging a new hole you should aim to disturb as little ground as possible and make as small a hole as possible, going at least 600mm deep. One back will usually suffice in this instance.

I usually put in plenty of water and tip in half a bag, mix it with a batten or similar and then add any small hardcore you might have. Check the post is vertical in both planes with a spirit level and then add the remainder of the bag, again ensuring it is well mixed, adding a little more water if necessary.

If you are replacing posts, then I am assuming that the previous posts were concreted in?

If that is the case you are going to need 2 bags because the hole will now be bigger. Use as much of the original concrete as possible, breaking it into smallish pieces first. This recycles it and saves you having to get rid of it also.

Hope that helps.


Answered 21st Nov 2014

Each job is different, yes 1 bag will suffice if being set in a predominantly clay garden. But if being set into mainly topsoil I would suggest supporting a greater hole with house bricks or blocks and 2 bags of postcrete. Always test the stability of the post by filling half the hole at a time, if there is more than 50mm movement at the top of the post at this point it's time to start over.


Answered 7th Mar 2014

1 bag is enough just put a bit of rubble in the bottom and don't dig hole to big I use this every day and never had a problem malc


Answered 29th Jul 2013 is better to use postcrete....1 bag should be plenty..per post.i like to put in depends on size of the fence..hope this was helpful


Answered 15th Apr 2012

I think postcrete is a easy option I always mix my own a good 4 shovel mix dust to stone with a generous shovel of cement and always over dig the hole deeper than it should so you can get concrete under the post before it is put in the hole .


Answered 16th Feb 2017

Hi, yes you can use postcrete if you wish or just get bag cement and say three bags gravel one and half each hole would be good plenty good luck colin.


Answered 15th Apr 2012

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