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Can you make parquet flooring lighter by sanding?

I've recently moved and my new house has a very dark parquet flooring in the living room. The floor has been down since mid-80s and isn't in great condition.
Ideally, I'd like a lighter colour flooring, possibly laminate, but wondering if it's worth sanding the existing parquet. Any comments on what's involved and what results I might expect to see, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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You can sand the floor and it should come up lighter but be careful when sanding as adhesive used to stick blocks has a life of 30 years so get a coin and tap blocks, if they sound hollow then they are “live” and no longer stuck so will be a massive job to re stick
If you are going over the top of them then go for a floating floor such as engineered wood or laminate and not a fixed floor such as solid wood


Answered 26th Apr 2020

If your changing anyway then just sand a small area down and seal it... that will give you the answer!


Answered 26th Apr 2020

Yes you can. It is probably stained with s dark color. It can be sanded and finished with water base finish. It gives it the natural wood look


Answered 26th Apr 2020

Parquet flooring, like any other type of hard wood, can be sanded and stained to whiter/lighter shade and then lacquered again.
Procedure would involve sanding the flooring until raw wood shows, reseal all the cracks, sand it again, apply stain, apply lacquer, sand, apply lacquer, polish...
Problem with 40 year old parquet would be that in many cases, since it was a standard, adhesive has been applied only in corners of room and rest of the floor could be floating in sense that adhesive has not been applied on entire surface of floor. That can lead to "hollow" sound meaning that parquet has absorbed moisture and lifted slightly from the surface. If that is the case best thing would be to remove existing flooring and replace it with new one, you could put engineered wood or laminate over the existing flooring but then you need to take in consideration the layout and orientation of new flooring.
Results depend of condition your floor is in, in most cases existing floor could be brought to mint condition in lighter shade but there is a possibility that costs would be much greater than engineered wood or laminate.


Answered 9th May 2020

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