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Can anyone advise if "roughneck brick mortar gun" works ok and what would be the best mix to use?.

Looking to re-point approximately 100 sq mts and wonder if these mortar guns work as they advertise.
Also it seems from what i have read the right mix is vital ,but unsure what this would be for these guns.

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Hi, i can only go bye what i have found, for under £15 its ok ive used it for flashing and awkard places to get at also for small amount of slabs, make sure joints have plenty of depth, i always mix 4-1 with a touch of unibond in water, and have it like cream but this works for me, iam sure others will say diff , give it go find what suits you , most inportant thing is keep all clean tidy good luck col.


Answered 16th Apr 2012

hi,i have a mortar gun.the mix i use is 4 parts sand 1 part cement.i use a normal bucket ,but i use a plasterers paddle and add a lillle drop of feb mix and keep mixing to smooth and make sure the gun yube inside is wet first.Put in and then tap the sides to get the air out and try a little area first to get used to the gun.after it is empty make sure you wash it each time.oil up the connections because it is easier to use.after a few goes you will know the best way to use it.all the best nick


Answered 16th Apr 2012

they are good but the mixture has to be just right . i use for pointing usually 2 parts grey building and 2 part soft silver pointing sand 1 cement and a splash of feb mix. and a steady contact squeeze on the gun and start with a wet tube and fill three quarters full with mortar not all the way up tends to block if you do .
good luck


Answered 19th Apr 2012

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