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Hi, my new team shower pump as stopped working and i was told it could be the flow switch, is there any way i can check is it's working or not??? thanks.

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Hi, have you checked to see there is water going to the flow side of the pump, you would have to take the connections off the pump and look at that first.The flow switch on the newteam pumps is situated nearly in the middle of the pump itself, and its quite complicated to strip down just to get a look at it. If its still under waranty it should be replaced free of charge.

Answered 13th Apr 2012 plumbing

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Hi Joe36,
I would like to ask how old is the shower pump, but would suspect anything over 12 months old for a new team shower is a bonus for it to work, as these units aren't the best quality, and personally I will not fit them into a system because of this. I appreciate cost is always a factor, but in the long term I would recommend replacing with a Stuart Turner Monsoon or relevant model, as these pumps give very good service, and in the long run save money in not having to pay someone to repair a poor quality item.
hope this helps.
kind regards

Answered 23rd Jul 2012


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It is possible to check the pump flow switch is working by removing the pump from the pipe work and using a multi-meter, check for continuaty when the flow swith is activated. Only do this if you are compitent with a multi-meter and never whilst connected to the mains supply. You may find the motor windings may have burnt out or the motor has seized, thus a new pump is required.

Answered 14th Apr 2012

Dave Webley and Son

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