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Concrete gravel boards

I have five fences in my garden and they are too short for privacy and do not go all the way up to fit the edge of the concrete posts either side, I have 1 concrete gravel board underneath each fence. I wanted to ask could I use another concrete gravel board and stack it above the first one to raise the fence up so it will line up with the end of the concrete posts? Or do you recommend something else? Thanks

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Hi yes you can use 2 boards as long as it doesn’t make the fence higher than the post.


Answered 22nd Apr 2020

Hi yes sure you can double up not a problem, this is mostly done when the grading is sloping so not a problem.


Answered 22nd Apr 2020

The answer is yes


Answered 22nd Apr 2020

Absolutely, or you could use timber gravel boards on top of the concrete if you needed to adjust the height to align exactly with the post top, timber can be ripped down to size, but ensure raw edges are retreated.


Answered 23rd Apr 2020

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