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Does anyone know of any way to clear a substantial amount of garden waste during this lockdown. I have a garage full of bagged up and loose waste and fear it is a fire hazard and need the storage space. I want to avoid burning it and I am conscious of certain offers out there who offer to remove the waste at a cost per bin but may be fly tipping which i would want to avoid.

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You can use a waste skip or same people you can call and they will doit for you with a van . Good luck


Answered 21st Apr 2020

If you are unsure if someone is tipping legally, you can ask for there Environmeny agency registration number, we sometimes send people a picture of the weigh bridge slip to the customer to prove it has been dealt with legally and correctly. Hope this helps


Answered 22nd Apr 2020

As a licensed waste carrier and dealer myself a valid waste carriers certificate should be shown.
A transfer of waste document should also be supplied.
You can cross reference a waste carriers certification number with the environment agency to ensure it’s not a fake.
Beware of people offering an especially low price.
Get a number of quotes, through sites like mybuilder for instance.


Answered 28th Apr 2020

Compaines can still transport the hazardous waste straight the the waste tip so there will be no risk of any danger to our selfs or anyone near the property will be taken straight away once loaded


Answered 21st Apr 2020

Using a licensed waste carrier like ourselves is a safe and responsible way to have your waste removed from your home.
We provide Waste Transfer notes, this ensures the Waste is disposed of responsibly and is not fly-tipped. Beware of unusually low quotes! It costs us money to dispose and recycle waste therefore to make any money waste carriers need to charge a decent price so the waste can be disposed of correctly.
Get a number of quotes and check out who they are from :)


Answered 20th May 2020

Make sure they have a waste carrier license and ask for a waste transfer note.Also ring around for quote’s :)


Answered 18th Jan 2022

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