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Barrettine or sadolin

Hi there. I'm currently agonising over which treatment to use on my log cabin......... I have narrowed it down to the following two options -

1) Barrettine clear wood preserver (2 coats), followed by barrettine log cabin treatment (1 coat). For the side that needs painting we would replace the top coat of barrettine with a coat of Osmo Country Colour (this appears to be usable on wax-containing treatments?)

2) Sadolin clear wood preserver (2 coats), followed 1 coat of sadolin clear oil. The painting side would have the oil replaced by some Cuprinol Garden Shades.

I'm not too worried about which will cost you the least as I'm looking for quality.

Anyone have any thoughts on which option would be best?

Many thanks,


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It depends on if you place your cabin tight in the corner or space all around!


Answered 19th Apr 2020

As previously said it does depend on the placement and whether you intend to regulary retreat the log cabin.
But with regards to which product to use, I favour Barretine and Osmo, we regularly use both brands and find them to be of good quality with no issues.


Answered 16th May 2020

Good quality paint such as sadolin superdec will protect your property up to 8 years, So they are more economical in the long run, If you want a more painted apaque look where the wood is fully Obliterated use sadolin superdec. This product also come in a multitude of colours so you are really are spoilt for choice, I have used this product many of times I have not been disappointed once,



Answered 21st Apr 2020



Answered 1st May 2020

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