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How can i build 4 story building on frames only ?

Hi There
i have a land 106sqm2 each floor. and what i want to do is to get the slab frame up for all the floors and get done the only roof on than i can do the rest slowly as i got money is this possible ? some saying this will cost about £400.000 pound but cant see there is no way it could be that much ... only materials should only cost around £30.000 i guess maximum ... if a 66sqm2 110mm slab costing around £600+VAT than how much would cost to have the whole building up with the structure including floors /windows and roof, that is what is called making it watertight how much actually would cost ?

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Questions a bit vague, ie how can I build 4 storey building on frames.
Are you implying an oak timber framed building, if so they would design it, if not have you got plans and planning for this.
Who has told you it will cost 400k to build, and the materials are 30K,your architect, or a Quantity Surveyor, if either of these, then they are probably right.
As for £660 to supply and lay 66 square metres of concrete seems rather low to me.
Perhaps the guys doing the slab could also build the house a lot cheaper than 400K


Answered 6th Apr 2011

are you building a skyscraper? I dont know who gave you that price, yes it is certainly possible to build the structure including floors /windows and roof, that is what is called making it watertight,you can then finish at your leisure. as for price I suggest you post a job then you will get several prices from tradespeople to compare.I have built 2 houses lhe last one completed feb 2010 took me 4 years of my spare time .best regards and good luck Terry.


Answered 6th Apr 2011

around 2.50 per sq ft but it may vary depending on where you are and obviously weather conditions


Answered 6th Apr 2011

if you send me the plan and specification I can give you the fix estimate


Answered 10th Apr 2011

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