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Whirlpool rcd breaker, rcd double socket

the Bath Pump is situated under the bath, and is wired to a 13a Powerbreaker RCD which comes off the ring main as a spur, its also in the eaves Outside the bathroom.

Can I swap this RCD breaker for a 13a RCD Double Socket? so I can also plug in some deck lights that are fitted around the bath.
The lights are IP67 so are zone 0 safe, 12v with a 5m lead to a transformer plug. i want to plug this in to a RCD Socket with the bath pump.

Assuming a socket does the same thing as a hardwired RCD?

And Yes it will be notified to BC.

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Yes this is fine so long as you do follow guidance set out in bs7671 you are keeping to regs and zones which is good. In an ideal world the RCD protection would be at board position but and RCD inline is still protection however far upstream.


Answered 15th Apr 2020

Definitely not. the RCD power breaker is protecting the bath pump, By replacing the RCD power Breaker for a double RCD socket you will be removing the RCD protection for the bath pump unless you are plugging the bath pump into one of the sockets.


Answered 7th May 2020

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