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Do i need planning permission to build a simple lean to made out of wood and a plastic roof on the back of my terraced house and can it be built close to the neighbours fence.

Also is there any height restrictions to worry about ,thanks

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no more than 3metres high ,no planning required as it is not habitable and only timber TEMP construction ,but you must use c4562 graded timber ,best to use thich poly for roof ,


Answered 6th Apr 2011

You won't need planning permission as long as it dosen't extend more than 3m out from the house and is not more than 3m high if you are a terrace house. If it is a detatched house you can extend out to 4m.
If the building is a conservatory you won't need Building Regulations but you will if it is considered an extension. For it to be a conservatory you will need an external door between it and the main house.
It can be built close to your neighbours fence but if you are digging foundations close to the neighbours property you will need to have a Party Wall Agreement.
I hope this helps.


Answered 6th Apr 2011

planning will be required if any planning permission has been granted on the property previous.if you are in a conservation area planning will be needed other than that proberly no but with p-lanning always assume you need it till proved you dont fill a simple customer enquiry form in down load of the planning portal then you will know for sure dont assume its ok cause it might come back and bite you,untill the builder sees the site and enviroment its only an opinon barrie parkinjbc builders


Answered 10th Apr 2011

Do you really want to build a wooden structure with a plastic roof attached to your house, not being rude but would it look right.
You may need to contact your local council, just a simple phone call, as I have known a couple of near neighbours who have done similar to yours without permission, and they were reported by jealous neighbours and had visits from council, but both were told it was ok, one had build about 150mm away from neighbours.
Best to check first, but make it a bit nicer than wood with plastic roof.
You can buy decent enough lean to types of buildings/consevatorys from places such as Wickes if your on a budget, and easy enough to put together.


Answered 6th Apr 2011

you can log on to the planning portal of the goverment website which will give you all the relevant info you need but i dont htink it will be a problem as long as you get on well with your nieghbours and kepp them informed of what you are planning


Answered 6th Apr 2011

You do not require planning if it does not exceed 3m from rear of the original footprint of the property.

If the lean-to is to the side of the property then you will not have to have planning permission if it does not exceed the width of 50% of the current dwelling.


Answered 1st Mar 2021

You don't need planning permission for this as long as it is no more than 3 meters high.


Answered 18th Apr 2020

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