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Tiling on emulsion

I am going to tile the back kitchen wall which has my splashback on but have heard timing over emulsion is not ideal.

The wall was painted about 2yrs ago when the house was built.

I have seen people have advised keying the wall or going over it with a wire brush so the adhesive gets a better grip. Would this work?

Also I am going to use Unibond Ready to use ashesive if that makes a difference.


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if its a matt emulsion and is not flaking it shouldn't be too much of a problem, however as a precaution you should prime it first with an SBR bonding primer , NOT PVA! ready mixed adhesive is ok if your are just using ceramic tiles ,


Answered 12th Apr 2020

My advise to you is to scare off any loose paint and prime the wall with a 1:4 ratio bal bond SBR

Good luck !:)


Answered 16th Apr 2020

If you key the area to be tiled with a wire brush, wipe and sweep away any dust, use a good quality SBR primer (I use a radiator roller, a brush is fine) and leave to dry, usually 15 minutes on walls during warmer months.

If you are installing ceramic tiles, tubbed adhesive is fine with a 6mm to 8mm trowel.

If you are using porcelain tiles, use slowset flexible, it comes in powdered form, easy to mix, goes a long way and gives a decent workable pot life if you get stuck on tricky cuts around sockets and windows, you can also use this adhesive with ceramics.

Best of luck!


Answered 20th Apr 2020

I would recommend painting the wall with blue grit this will give you a great key befor tiling. Blue grit is like a sandy paint so just paint on and leave dry


Answered 22nd Apr 2020

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